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Edward E. Drury, 81, of the Bonneville 1st Ward in Salt Lake City has been a ward employment specialist about seven years. In that time, he's probably helped one or two people each month find employment.

"I don't give up until we find them a job," he said.One example of Drury's effectiveness came when a neighbor, called as mission president, rented his home to a family from Phoenix, Ariz. The father in the home was unemployed. Drury helped him find work as a purchaser. After a year's time, the family moved back to Phoenix. The next renters of the home also were unemployed. He helped both the husband and wife find a job. The husband's job was good enough that his wife soon was able to resign her job and remain home with her children, said Drury.

"I got a job for a young fellow already this week," he said.