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Contractors have started preliminary work to rebuild the Kamas Utah Stake Center, said stake Pres. Robert V. Rydalch.

The meetinghouse was severely damaged by a bombing Jan. 16, and was a central issue in a 13-day standoff between a family of polygamists and police that followed the bombing. The standoff ended with the death of a peace officer, Lt. Fred House. (See related stories on this page.)Contractors have boarded up the meetinghouse to prevent curious spectators from entering and getting hurt in the hazardous debris, said Pres. Rydalch.

Early plans to have the cleanup done by Church members were changed when leaders learned that the building was too hazardous for volunteers. After the preliminary cleanup is completed, and the severely damaged sections of the building are demolished, architects will proceed with plans to rebuild the facility.

Pres. Rydalch said the Oakley and Park Valley Wards that met in the building are now meeting in nearby buildings. Stake offices have been relocated in the seminary building in Kamas. The bombed-out building is expected to be rebuilt before the year's end, he said.