The Church has expressed sympathy to the family and associates of Lt. Fred House, the Utah Department of Corrections officer who was killed the morning of Jan. 28.

At a press conference that afternoon, Richard P. Lindsay, managing director of Church Public Communications/Special Affairs, read a statement on behalf of the Church."We note with grief and sadness the events at Marion, Utah, which culminated today in human tragedy. We deeply regret the death of Lt. Fred House, who lost his life while serving as a law enforcement officer. We extend our sympathy to members of his family and express our condolences and appreciation to them, and to the local, state and federal officers who placed their lives at risk in the performance of their sworn duty.

"The event that led to the present tragedy was the unlawful and costly bombing of a house of worship of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the resultant terrorizing of the people of the community.

"We deplore the violence which so often marks the conduct of those who advocate and practice plural marriage, and which has so often resulted in tragedy and sorrow to those affected. In the present circumstances we reaffirm our declaration that the Church is unalterably opposed to the advocacy and practice of plural marriage."