Isaiah, a leading prophet of Israel, lived near Jerusalem approximately 760-700 B.C. He wrote not only of the events of his own day, but also of events beyond his time.

The bulk of his prophecies deal with the coming of the Redeemer - His birth and as the Great King at the last day, as the God of Israel.A major theme of Isaiah's writings is that God requires righteousness of His people, and that until they obey Him they will be smitten and scattered by their enemies. But in the end, Israel will be restored; the barren land will be made fruitful and able to support a large population; and the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, will dwell in the midst of His people, who will be called Zion.

The dictionary in the 1979 LDS edition of the King James Bible states: "The reader has no greater written commentary and guide to understanding Isaiah than the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.

"As one understands these works better he will understand Isaiah better, and as one understands Isaiah better, he more fully comprehends the mission of the Savior, and the meaning of the covenant that was placed upon Abraham and his seed by which all the families of the earth would be blessed."