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Nephi declared that the prophecies of Isaiah "are of worth unto the children of men." (2 Ne. 25:8.)

In The Living Message of Isaiah, LDS author L. LaMar Adams wrote, "It appears as though Nephi could hear us inquiring, `But how can they be of great worth when we can't even understand them?'" for Nephi added, '. . . and he that supposeth that they are not, unto them I will speak particularly. . . ."Adams, who referred to Isaiah as being the "prophet of the restoration," wrote: "This is readily understood when one considers the fact that over 55 of the 66 chapters in the book of Isaiah predict the restored gospel in the last days, including the coming forth of the Book of Mormon (chapter 29); Joseph Smith as the prophet of the latter-day gathering and the Restoration, and as an ensign to the people (chapters 11, 29, and 49)." Adams said Isaiah also tells of: missionaries going to all the world (chapters 18 and 60); the establishment of the Church (2:2-3; 54:2); and other events of the last days and millennial era.

Adams said the word "prophet" implies foretelling or prophesying. "Isaiah was the prophet foretelling the Restoration," wrote Adams. "Joseph Smith was the prophet fulfilling the prophecies of the Restoration. . . . Isaiah was the Old Testament prophet of the last days. He referred to the last days, and events relating to us, more than any other prophet in the Bible.

"Since Isaiah knew that the people of his day would not repent, his message of hope and redemption was primarily to the remnant of Israel who would come forth in the last days to accept the gospel. Since he `spake as touching all things concerning . . . the house of Israel' (3 Ne. 23:2), his prophecies describe our day."