The First Presidency supports Child Abuse Prevention Month and encourages members of the Church to combat the "pernicious problem." In a statement released this week, the First Presidency stated:

"A great privilege and responsibility of mortal life is bringing children into the world and then nurturing them with love and kindness as they grow to adulthood. Tragically, there are some adults who would physically or emotionally damage these tender souls who trust them."To bring the problem of child abuse to the attention of the general public, the National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse has designated April as 'Child Abuse Prevention Month.' We endorse this designation and encourage Latter-day Saints throughout the Church to work in their communities to help combat this pernicious problem.

"Much good can be accomplished when local communities work together to create a peaceful, safe environment for children. We hope Church members will continue in their efforts to find ways to support and strengthen the family."