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100 years ago

In the Deseret News of March 22, 1888, Elder A.R. Smith of Augusta, Ga., wrote about the Georgia Conference of the Southern States Mission. He said because of the anti-Mormon tracts, books and lectures, many people had unfavorable opinions of the Church and its doctrines.

"But when we get the privilege of speaking and making our own defense, it dawns upon the minds of many that they have long been deceived," Elder Smith wrote. "Our labors in this field, which embraces the counties of Richmond and Columbia, have been rewarded during the past three months, and we have had the privilege of leading 21 honest souls into the waters of baptism. . . ."

Quotes from the past

"Jesus of Nazareth died instead of sinners. The just was offered for the unjust. The innocent Christ was a substitute for guilty men. The whole doctrine of the atonement rests upon the principle of salvation by proxy. . . . Thus the work of human redemption is to be carried on until all the people of the earth shall be judged according to the gospel; every soul having had an opportunity of receiving or rejecting it, either in the body or in the spirit state, and of obeying the ordinances thereof, either in person or vicariously, the living acting for the dead." - President Charles W. Penrose, Deseret News Church Section, Nov. 4, 1933