The Most Rev. William K. Weigand, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, in his annual Easter message, recalls three scriptural gardens. The first garden, the Garden of Eden, was a place of promise and life, but humanity degraded the garden by rejecting God.

The second garden was the garden of Christ's agony. "While Jesus was obedient to his Father, humanity again chose betrayal and selfishness as symbolized by Judas."The third garden, said Bishop Weigand, is that of the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest. "This garden, however, is different from the other two, for God does not let sin be the final experience of humanity. In this garden God overcomes sin and death, and raises Jesus to new life."

"May the beauties of spring remind us of the three gardens and especially of the newness and fullness of life restored through the mystery of Jesus' resurrection," Bishop Wei-gand wrote.