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The Utah State Tax Commission spent $300 printing drug stamps for sale beginning April 1 and sold $500 worth the first day.

The stamps are designed to be sold to drug dealers who are supposed to affix the stamps to their merchandise. While few, if any, dealers are expected to purchase the stamps, they are liable to penalties if caught selling drugs without the stamps on their drug packages.Some 143 $3.50 one-gram marijuana stamps were sold Friday.

So far, nobody has purchased any $200 one-gram stamps for controlled substances or any $2,000 stamps for each 50 units of a controlled substance.

Charles R. Pulver, manager of revenue control for the Tax Commission, said he doesn't believe the two-stamp buyers were drug dealers. "I think they were stamp collectors," Pulver said.

"One person bought 43 stamps and the other bought 100."

Happy about $200 profit on the first day the stamps were available, Pulver speculated about what the future might hold.

"We printed a total of 4,000 stamps 2,000 of the $3.50 marijuana stamps and 1,000 each of the other two stamps. If the stamp business gets real good, I can always print more," he said, smiling.