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More than a dozen members of the Guardian Angels protested outside actor Sean Penn's Malibu, Calif., beach home Saturday, leaving behind an "Oscar award" in the form of a toilet bowl for his movie "Colors," a story of deadly gang rivalries.

At least 15 members of the national group arrived in a caravan of cars with symbolic coffins strapped to their roofs to represent victims of gang violence.

"It's really blood money (Penn's) reaping from this," said Scott McKeown, West Coast director of the civilian crime-fighting group.

The Angels want Penn and others involved in the film, scheduled to be released April 15, to turn over their profits to help combat the gangs.

"For Penn to get another $1 million so he can buy (his singer wife) Madonna another mink coat and live comfortably in Malibu while the community in South Central (Los Angeles) is suffering is morally wrong," McKeown said.

Penn could not be reached for comment.

"Colors" derives its title from the blue, red and other colors worn by gang members to identify their loyalties.