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A veteran's group hunted for "Hanoi Jane" Saturday with a mock gun turret to protest a visit to North Vietnam by actress Jane Fonda, who plans to film part of a movie in the area.

The National Forget-Me-Not Association, a group calling for the return of prisoners of war it believes are still being held in Southeast Asia, said Fonda was considered a traitor and was not welcome in Waterbury.The protesters carried a fake gun turret with signs that said "Search for Hanoi Jane" and a caricature of Fonda in a Vietnamese-style hat and leotards and leg warmers.

The turret was carried by seven veterans wearing POW pajamas, with one man inside aiming the gun.

Latent hatred of Fonda and her 1972 visit to North Vietnam has surfaced in Waterbury and the Massachusetts towns of Chicopee and Holyoke since the announcement by MGM studios that the actress would be filming parts of a movie in those cities this summer.

"We went in search of Hanoi Jane because of all the controversy, we thought we should make our statement before she came," said Kathy Shemeley, state chairman of the group.