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"Fox Trot" is a new family-oriented comic strip that begins today in the Deseret News.

The new strip stars Roger and Andy Fox, as well as their three children.

`Roger' is a father who is an overworked corporate executive and subscribes to the "let-Mom-handle-it" philosophy of child rearing.`Andy' is a mother who slaves over the many household chores, but is a would-be famous writer.

`Peter,' the oldest son, is a self-proclaimed perfect specimen of manhood (if only girls would recognize it).

`Paige' is the inwardly religious daughter who hopes an earthquake will swallow up her two brothers. Her pet is "Quincy, " a lizard who eats things that he shouldn't.

`Jason' is the youngest son. Trapped in a world or morons, he tries to make the best of it.

"Fox Trot" is drawn and written by Bill Amend of Northampton, Mass. He grew up as a fan of TV's "The Wild, Wild West" and "Iron Man" comic books. But when comic books reached the high price of 40 cents, he started to draw his own the invincible Super Monster and his arch-enemy, "The Six Gun Toad."

His family soon moved to California, where he made a number of short films, including "Trek Wars," a "Star Trek" meets "Star Wars" spoof. These projects crippled his grade point average, but earned him the title as his senior class's "most creative" person.

Amend attended Amherst College, where he graduated with honors in physics and still managed to do two editorial cartoons a week. His first job out of college was operations manager for a motion picture studio.

He currently resides in the San Francisco area.

Universal Press, one of the nation's largest syndicates, is distributing "Fox Trot."