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A Bountiful man pleaded guilty Monday in 3rd District Court to murdering a South Salt Lake couple.

Russell Miner Anderson, 34, 2122 S. Orchard Drive, pleaded "guilty and mentally ill" to the two second-degree homicide charges. The plea to the reduced charges was a result of a plea bargain arranged after Anderson was charged with the couple's death and that of a Davis County man. Because the charges were reduced from capital homicide, he will avoid the death penalty.Norman B. Armstrong, 39, and his wife, Janet Marie Armstrong, 38, 88 W. Oakland Ave., had been shot several times with a .22-caliber pistol. Their bodies were found July 22 near the I-80 overpass at 60th West. Ballistics tests matched a gun recovered from Anderson's bedroom after his Sept. 15 arrest.

Judge Leonard H. Russon set sentencing in the case for May 23. He also ordered Anderson to undergo an evaluation at the Utah State Hospital and will allow the state to pay for an independent psychiatric evaluation.

Anderson pleaded guilty but mentally ill to second-degree murder in 2nd District Court in the Aug. 28 death of Frank R. Boulton.