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Jerran T. Flinders, professor of botany and range science at Brigham Young Univerity, is the 1988 president-elect of the Utah Chapter of the Wildlife Society.

Flinders also is adviser to and faculty representative of the society's student chapter at BYU.The Wildlife Society is the state's largest wildlife organization that involves professional wildlife biologists, said Flinders. Chapters exist around the world, with numerous student chapters at university and college campuses across the nation.

Flinders will set the theme of next year's meeting and will serve on the executive council, which passes chapter bylaws and sets opinion on wildlife issues.

"The theme of this year's meeting was the commercialization or privatization of wildlife resources. It's a hot issue with two sides to the story and one that must be studied carefully,"

he says.

Advocates of commercializing wildlife resources mainly private landowners want to charge a trespass fee to hunt many of Utah's game animals, such as elk and deer.

Those against such measures say charging high-priced fees would produce a hunt only the rich can afford and could be improper because many of the animals live on federal or public land and simply cross private lands.

Flinders has several research proj-ects under way. His most recent project, done in conjunction with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, is tracking and studying bobcats with the aid of radio transmitters.