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Premier Ciriaco De Mita, the Christian Democrat leader, formed Italy's 48th postwar government Wednesday and ended a monthlong political crisis triggered by the resignation of his predecessor, Giovanni Goria.

The 60-year-old De Mita put together a coalition of his party, the Socialists, Social Democrats, Republicans and Liberals, the same five-party alliance that has governed Italy through most of the 1980s.De Mita presented his choice for the 32-member Cabinet to President Francesco Cossiga at the Quirinal Palace.

Goria stepped down March 11 after eight turbulent months in office. His coalition was weakened by factional disputes in his own Christian Democrat party as well as feuding with the Socialists, led by former Premier Bettino Craxi.

Leaders of the five parties agreed on the terms for the new government Monday, and the parties met again separately Tuesday to give their final endorsement.

The crucial support came from the Socialists, the second-largest party in the coalition and a frequent foil for the Christian Democrats, who have led or dominated all Italian governments since the end of World War II.

Most of De Mita's Cabinet members were holdovers from the previous Goria government.