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Women who oppose abortion should not use a Salt Lake adoption agency located in the same office as an abortion clinic, the leader of a group that intends to demonstrate at the clinic said Wednesday.

No date has been set for demonstrations to begin outside the Wasatch Women's Center and the Utah Adoption Service, both located at 3450 S. Highland Drive, said LeeAnn Cheeley, president of the Salt Lake Christian Action Council.Cheeley dismissed statements by Sandra Bagley, the director of both the adoption agency and the abortion clinic, that the demonstrations would discourage women from using the adoption services.

"If a woman chooses to give her baby life, you think she'd want to go to a place that values life," Cheeley said. "If a place is performing abortions, they have lost the meaning of the sanctity of life."

Bagley said that if women stay away from the adoption agency because of the protesters, it may close. She said she hopes that would not result in more clients for the abortion clinic.

Members of the council have been stationed outside of another Salt Lake area abortion clinic, the Utah Women's Health Center, throughout the past year.