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The Salt Lake Historical Landmarks Committee has asked the LDS Church to reconsider a plan to demolish 17 historic homes on a Capitol Hill street.

The corporation of the Presiding Bishopric of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has applied for a demolition permit from the city to raze all of the homes on Gordon Place, a small middle-of-the-block court sandwiched between State and Main Streets at 150 North."The church people plan to landscape their property, after the houses are razed. They didn't use the term park, but I guess that is what it would be like," said Don Lefevre, spokesman for the church.

The city's Landmarks Committee will consider the demolition permit in a Wednesday meeting. If the permit is turned down, the property owner could appeal to the Planning Commission and the City Council.

City Planner Bil Schwab said that among the 17 houses are four especially significant pioneer homes. "Collectively, they function as a significant historic element. They are a neighborhood."

But both the church and the planners said that, as plans now stand, none of the houses would be restored or retained.