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The City Council voted Wednesday to support state efforts to get Amtrak trains to stop dumping their raw sewage along area railroad tracks.

The council voted to send a letter of support to the state Division of Environmental Health Services, which has documented numerous dumpings by the passenger trains along railroad tracks in the Salt Lake Valley and Helper.Also Wednesday, the council was addressed by a member of the Wasatch Front Regional Council about the long-range plans for transportation and highway needs in South Salt Lake.

Doug Hattery, regional council representative, said the upgrading of the arterial street system in the city must be addressed in the next 20 years. Improving streets such as State Street and 33rd South are among the regional council's priorities.

Hattery said the regional council also recommended changes that would improve southbound travel where population growth is expected to increase in the next two decades. He recommended expansion within the public-transportation system and new construction projects that would make better use of resources and alleviate some of the traffic congestion on I-15.

In other action, the council recognized The Rev. John J. Sullivan, pastor of St. Ann's Parish in Salt Lake City. Sullivan was recently named honorary prelate of his Holiness and was accorded the title of reverend monsignor. The diocese has five other honorary prelates.

The Automobile Club of Utah awarded South Salt Lake a one-year achievement award for the absence of pedestrian fatalities in 1986.