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Former Utah Gov. Scott M. Matheson and Norma Matheson endorsed Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis for U.S. president on Thursday, with Matheson saying that if Dukakis wins and asks him to be Interior secretary, he'll accept.

In announcing his support for Dukakis, Matheson also put an end to talk that Utah's Democratic delegation should go uncommitted to the free-for-all National Democratic Convention this summer or vote for Matheson as a favorite-son candidate."I won't be a favorite-son candidate," he said. "Although there is some logic into going uncommitted to the convention, when you have confidence in a candidate, you should jump off the fence and get in the race."

Mrs. Matheson is the Utah Democratic Party's national committeewomen, so she is already a national delegate to the convention. Matheson said, "As you know, ex-governors have really gone downhill lately. I'm not a super-delegate, but I will run (in the state convention) as a delegate, as a Dukakis delegate."

Jason Chaffetz, a kicker on the BYU football team and Dukakis' stepson, said during the announcement, "Mike is not a word processor like some are saying. He's a man who really cares about people, about his family. He'll do one heck of a job as president."