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Former Gov. Evan Mecham says his political career isn't necessarily over and that he could become a delegate to the Republican National Convention in August.

The former Republican governor, removed from office by impeachment conviction on April 4, will be on the ballot in the first step of the delegate-selection process in his district caucus on Wednesday.Asked Thursday if he planned to seek a spot as a GOP convention delegate, Mecham said, "Oh yes," but he did not elaborate. There have been reports that Mecham would seek to become a delegate for GOP candidate Pat Robertson, who has put his campaign on hold.

"He (Mecham) is a bona fide precinct committeeman" and thus is among 175 people who will be on the ballot when his legislative district chooses 38 delegates and 38 alternates to the state Republican convention on May 14, said Mecham's district GOP chairman, Joe Allman.

The state Republican convention will choose the delegates to the national convention in New Orleans Aug. 15-18. Other delegates will be chosen at state GOP mini-caucuses.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Senate Government Committee voted 5-4 on Thursday to approve a bill to create a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

One of Mecham's first acts in office was to rescind a King holiday declared by his Democratic predecessor, Gov. Bruce Babbitt, and the resulting uproar dogged Mecham through his short term.

The latest King holiday bill was virtually identical to the one the Senate defeated along a party line last year. Republicans, who control the Senate 19-11, will consider the measure next week in caucus.