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Scott Crabtree is the proud owner of the 73-year-old, 70-ton Benson Bridge, an antique treasure on the national Register of Historic Places that will be a feature attraction at a soon-to-be historic theme park.

All Crabtree has to do is disassemble the 125-foot behemoth that spans the Little Bear River, haul it 40 miles and set it back up near the the Rocky Point Special Occasion Center he recently opened to the public.The Utah Department of Transportation wants someone to remove the structure, which can no longer support traffic. Crabtree won the honors by committing to put up matching funds to qualify for Federal Highway Administration funds to move the bridge.

Crabtree plans to begin taking apart the bridge, dedicated by the Cache County Commission in 1915, in late April and moving it to Rocky Point, 8 miles north of Ogden. The bridge will serve as an attraction to a historic theme park Crabtree wants to develop.

The bridge will first stand over a swampy area at Rocky Point that Crabtree said he will develop into a body of water. Eventually, Crabtree said he hopes to turn the bridge into a covered restaurant.