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* Why are there are occasional typos in the comics captions? Why are there other mix-ups in the comics section captions dropped off or the wrong title headings?

These questions were asked by quite a few readers during the recent comics survey.The answer involves the new way that the comic strips are being put together.

Since last year, the Deseret News has been switching to a computer layout system, called pagination. This relatively new process is only being used by a rather small amount of U.S. newspapers to date, but in the future, most will be using it.

Putting together the comic strips used to be a simple process that involved only several people each week. With pagination, the number of workers involved has jumped to over a dozen. This, coupled with the fact that weekly sets of comics must be cut up individually before they can be scanned into the computer, has increased the possibility of mix-ups.

No simple solution has been found. In fact, the comics editor can see a proof of tomorrow's comics page and find nothing wrong with it. Then, between what may or what may not happen perfectly on the final typeset of the page, problems can arise.

Hopefully such problems will be all but gone in the near future.

Regarding comics captions themselves, it has been the policy of the Deseret News to re-type all open panel captions so that they can be re-set in one regular and uniform type style. This make the page look more pleasing, but it also means that an occasional typographical error can creep in. (But it also means that at times we have easily been able to correct typos and misspellings that the syndicates have let go through in the original comics caption, too.)

Some readers have thought that some "Far Side" or "Herman" captions have been missing from the page, when in fact there was never supposed to be any caption at all. That's one of the problems of off-beat humor understanding it.

Regarding "missing" comic strips: some comic strips are almost continually late coming in the mail. Three late comers include "Bloom County," "Herman' and "Mother Goose & Grimm." We strive to get comics in regularly, but deadlines have to be met. Some other comics are not published ocasionally because of editorial content.