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God ordered the LDS Kamas Stake Center bombed, Vickie Singer told an FBI negotiator the day it happened.

A recording of that Jan. 16 telephone interview was played Friday in the Singer-Swapp trial."I'm not crazy," Singer said in the recording, speaking to FBI negotiator Cal Clegg, Salt Lake City. "Yes, the Lord did want that chapel bombed."

She said the bombing was a symbol of what God would do. "He's going to collapse the church, the state and the nation."

Clegg asked whether the instructions came through inspiration or revelation, and Singer replied, "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Footprints in the snow that led from the chapel toward the Singer compound in Marion weren't covered, Clegg noted in the recording. She agreed, saying, "Nobody tried to cover up anything," and that a post (the red pole already displayed in court) was left too.

"The system is rotten as hell," Singer told Clegg. "Its fruits stink, and it's going to be overthrown."

She claimed the LDS Church was behind John Singer's "murder" nine years before and talked about problems getting irrigation water. "But God hears me," she said.

Singer said she was terribly insulted by Clegg's asking her to try to resolve the situation. "You can't imagine what we've suffered under this wicked people," she said.

"My neighbors are the most ignorant, self-righteous, pious dogs I've ever seen in my life and they helped to murder my husband. There's no way in heck you're going to get me to compromise my beliefs."

An FBI investigation following John Singer's death showed that he was shot after aiming weapons at law officers who tried to arrest him.

Thursday afternoon, Roger Bates, Vickie Singer's son-in-law, astonished court spectators by invoking the Fifth Amendment.

Federal prosecutors said they wouldn't have called Bates to the witness stand if they had known he would refuse to talk.

Bates had barely taken the stand when he made his refusal. It came in response to a question by Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Lambert about Bates' whereabouts on Jan. 15 and 16.

The Kamas LDS Stake Center was demolished by a gigantic explosion of dynamite and "ANFO" high explosives around 3 a.m. on Jan. 16. Bates was expected to testify about his role as a contact for law officers investigating the bombing and the armed 13-day standoff that ended with the shooting of Corrections Lt. Fred House.

Earlier Thursday, Deseret News reporter Douglas D. Palmer discussed an interview he conducted by telephone with Vickie Singer on Jan. 16, the day of the bombing. A couple of times during the 11/2-hour conversation an FBI agent picked up the telephone, he said.

When Palmer asked her about the bombing, "She said, `It is symbolic of what is happening now. There will be a collapse of the church, state and nation. This is symbolic of the Lord and the things he is bringing forth.

" `His kingdom will come forth in power, and the Lord will send that One Mighty and Strong to set his house in order.' "

Responding to a question about the stake center's demolition, "She said, `I know it was the arm of the Lord . . . The Lord said that he will make bare his arm.' "

When Palmer asked about the family having weapons to protect itself, she said, "We just do the best we can. We do believe in the right to bear arms to protect life, liberty and property."

Under Lambert's questioning, Palmer quoted her as saying, "We are not going to make peace with them. We will not surrender," and that it's gone beyond talk.

"We are going into battle," she said. "This is serious . . . Yes, there will be death, killing, nothing we can do but protect ourselves. The Lord means what he says."

Charles J. Gibbs of KUTV, Channel 2, read from his notes on a telephone call he got from Addam Swapp the morning of Jan. 17. Swapp said, "We're making a stand against this corruption and wickedness," he said.

Gibbs added that Swapp told him the family's liberties had been trampled on long enough. Quoting from LDS doctrine, he told about raising a standard of peace three times, and said John Singer did that, yet was killed.

"Now his blood cries from the ground for vengeance from a just God," Swapp told Gibbs.

"He said they received revelations that the church was the total backing power behind John's death . . . The state received their instructions through the LDS Church," Gibbs quoted.