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Six Brigham Young University students received best performance honors at the recent year-end awards ceremonies of the BYU department of theater and film.

Winners were determined by votes from fellow students and from faculty members who attended the plays in the 1987-88 school year.Recognition was given for outstanding achievement in leading, supporting and character roles. In addition, other top students received departmental awards.

Janice Power was honored for giving the best performance by an actress in a lead role for her portrayal of Lucretia, a woman sliding over the edge of sanity in "Portrait of a Madonna." She also had been nominated for her role as Suzy, the blind heroine in "Wait Until Dark."

Also honored was Paige Wright as Miss Ritter in "She Loves Me." She was named best actress in a supporting role. Susan Whitenight received best character actress award for Betty in the comedy "The Foreigner."

Corey Ewan was recognized for best performance by an actor in a lead role for "View from the Bridge"; Donald Bugg as Rodolpho in the same play was given the supporting actor award.

Marc Radice picked up the character role honor for his acting as Ellard in "The Foreigner."

Thirteen other students were also honored.

Reese Purser, a senior in drama, was given the department's annual outstanding actor award.

Other awards went to Stephen Pullen for playwriting, Pat VanDeGraaff for theater education, Kathy Biesinger for directing, Dianne Breinholt for child drama and Carla Summers for costume design.

Lu Heying received outstanding student in history, theory and criticism in theater, and David Matheson received the same award in film.

Also acknowledged for their contributions to the department were Russell Richins for lighting and scene design, Stephen Dimond for technical theater, Jon Powell for musical dance theater, Joseph Ahlman for film production and Regina Homan for makeup.