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Vice President George Bush will visit Utah within the next two months on a campaign swing.

During a press conference with Bush's son, Neil, campaign co-chairwoman Bonnie Stephens made the announcement at the new state campaign headquarters at 637 E. Fourth South. Part of the building had been previously used by the Sen. Bob Dole campaign.Bush, who lives in Denver, said the vice president's visit will help unify the Utah Republican Party. He will also stump for the Republican gubernatorial candidate, presumably Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Bush said his father is maintaining a full campaign schedule, despite his apparent nomination, partly to maintain his profile. While Democratic politicking continues to garner media attention, Bush's national profile is waning.

Local media coverage will help maintain that profile. "He's not letting up a bit," he said.

"Anything could happen. It shouldn't be taken for granted," said the younger Bush. "Anybody can slip through the cracks."

He said the vice president believes the Western vote is important and a Bush election would mean Utah will have an ear in the White House.

Bush defended his father's character in the face of media criticism of wimpish ways.

"That image has come because he has been a loyal vice president. He realizes his job description is to support the man the nation has chosen as their leader," he said.

Politicos attending the function included Attorney General David Wilkinson, state GOP chairman Craig Moody and county leaders from across the state.