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A Clearfield Municipal Pool employee is suing the city in federal court, claiming sexual discrimination is the reason behind her being passed over for a promotion to manager.

Debra Ledkins, who has been employed at the pool two years, asks U.S. District Judge Thomas Greene to reverse the city's decision to hire what she contends is a less-qualified male.She also asks for back salary equal to that of the new pool director and seeks unspecified general, special and punitive damages.

Named as defendants in the suit are the city and 20 unidentified individuals Ledkins alleges deprived her of her constitutional rights to equal protection under the law and to due process of law.

Clearfield City Manager Wally Baird said Friday he has not seen the suit but added that Ledkins' claims have been reviewed by a department head, himself and an employee board of appeals, all of whom found there had been no discrimination.

Ledkins' suit says she was acting aquatics manager at the pool for about four months beginning last November when the former manager resigned.

During that time, the city conducted a search for a new pool manager and narrowed a field of candidates to three finalists, including Ledkins. Both the other finalists were male, she said.

The candidates were then ranked, and Ledkins claims she and one of the men were tied for first.

Her suit alleges the pool manager position was offered to the male who tied for first place in the rankings but indicates the man turned down the job.

Despite her meeting all qualifications, the city then offered the job to the second male and denied her the position "solely on the basis of her sex."

However, Baird said Ledkins was never made acting pool manager.

"She assumed some of the tasks, but responsibilities such as personnel were assumed by the department head," he said.