The following candidates have filed to run for elected office this year.


Brian H. Moss, (D), Salt Lake City; Joe Cwik, (D), Cedar City; Orrin G. Hatch, (R), Midvale; Robert J. Smith, (A), Taylorsville.

A candidate filing list published in the April 16 edition of the Deseret News contained two errors.

In the four-year Salt Lake County Commission race Jim Bradley was listed as a Republican. He is a Democrat.U.S. HOUSE

District 1: Gunn McKay, (D), Huntsville; James V. Hansen, (R), Farmington.

District 2: Richard Snelgrove, (R), Salt Lake City; Wayne Owens, (D), Salt Lake City; Michael Lee, (L), Salt Lake City.

District 3: Howard C. Nielson, (R), Provo; Craig S. Oliver, (D), Taylorsville; Robert V. Stringham, (D), Orem; E. Dean Christensen, (A), Richfield.


David E. Hewett, (D), Orem; Norman H. Bangerter, (R), West Valley City; Merrill Cook, (I), Salt Lake City; Mearle Marsh II, (write-in), Holladay; Arly Pedersen, (A), West Jordan; Dean Samuels, (R), Midvale; Ted Wilson, (D), Salt Lake City; Kitty K. Burton, (L), Herriman; Lawrence Ray Topham, (A), Salt Lake City.


(Independent candidates only. Partisan candidates are nominated in state party conventions) Lee Allen, (R), Provo.


L. Zane Gill, (D), Salt Lake City; David L. Wilkinson, (R), Salt Lake City; R. Paul Van Dam, (D), Salt Lake City.


Tom L. Allen, (R), Kaysville; James W. Davis (D), South Salt Lake.


Edward T. Alter, (R), Salt Lake City; Arthur L. Monson, (D), South Salt Lake.


Four-year term: Mike Stewart, (R), Salt Lake City; Jim Bradley (R), Salt Lake City.

Two-year term: Dave Watson, (D), Salt Lake City; M. Tom Shimizu, (R), Salt Lake City; Gary Root (L), Salt Lake City; B.T. Price, (D), Salt Lake City.


District 2: W. Rex Black, (D), Salt Lake City; George T. Mattena, (L), Salt Lake City; Robert Edward Gallegos, (D), Salt Lake City; George H. Searle, (D), Salt Lake City; B. Bates, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 5: Robert E. Wood, (D), West Jordan; Dix Holt McMullin, (R), South Jordan; Crent C. Richards, (R), Riverton.

District 6: Steve Rees, (R), Taylorsville; Dennis M. Randall, (D), West Jordan; Edward M. Terpening, (A), West Jordan; Janice Lee Snider, (R), Salt Lake City; Brent Overson, (R), West Jordan.

District 8: Al Richardson, (D), Midvale; Elgin Hokanson, (D), Midvale; Fred W. Finlinson, (R), Murray.

District 14: A.L. Bob Wright, (R), Orem; Craig A. Peterson, (R), Orem.

District 16: C.E. Chuck Peterson, (R), Provo; Steve Crowley, (L), Provo.

District 17: Eldon A. Money, (D), Spanish Fork; Stan King, (L), Springville.

District 19: Darrell G. Renstron, (D), North Ogden; Boyd K. Storey, (R), Weber County.

District 20: Roger Rawson, (D), Weber County; Glade Nielsen, (R), Roy.

District 23: Lane Beattie, (R), Bountiful; Jack P. Redd, (R), Bountiful; Ernest W. Cox, (R), Bountiful; Otis E. Winn, (R), Bountiful; Mark Braithwaite, (R), Bountiful; Nelda Bishop, (D), Bountiful; Bill Husbands, (L), Farmington; Tim S. Seeley, (A), North Salt Lake.

District 25: Lyle W. Hillyard, (R), Logan; Chris S. Coray, (D), Logan.

District 27: Omar Bunnell, (D), Price; Gerald Lloyd, (R), Price; Calvin Black, (R), Blanding; Art Martines, (D), Price.

District 28: Cary G. Peterson, (R), Nephi; Henry Willesen, (D), Beaver.

District 29: James Eardley, (R), St. George; Dixie Leavitt, (R), St. George.


District 1: R. Lee Allen, (R), Garland; Thomas F. Munns, (D), Garland.

District 2: Rob Bishop, (R), Brigham City; Keith Boyer, (R), Brigham City.

District 3: Stephen M. Bodily, (R), Lewiston; Richard D. Anthony, (D), North Logan.

District 4: Frank Prante, (D), Logan; L. Keith Gates, (R), Logan.

District 5: Evan Olsen, (R), Young Ward; Gerald Allen, (D), Paradise.

District 6: K. Duane Winchester, (D), Weber County; Alma G. Swann, (R), Weber County; Martin R. Stephens, (R), Weber County.

District 7: Grant D. Protzman, (D), North Ogden; Gerald L. Kotter, (R), Weber County; Jerry Dahlberg, (R), Weber County.

District 8: Haynes R. Fuller, (D), Eden; Dixon Merrill Pitcher, (R), Weber County.

District 9: John B. Arrington, (D), Ogden; Robert L. Harris, (D), Weber County; Randy Thad Tippets, (R), Weber County.

District 10: Dionne P. Halverson, (D), Weber County; Joseph H. Florence, (R), Weber County.

District 11: Erbey L. Satterfield, (D), Ogden; Bernard L. Allen, (D), Weber County; Paula Wright, (D), Weber County; Douglas J. Holmes, (R), Weber County.

District 12: Dr. Norman Gene Jones, (D), Weber County; Nolan E. Karras, (R), Roy.

District 13: Joe Hull, (D), Hooper; Kaye Browning, (R), Sunset.

District 14: Scott Holt, (R), Syracuse; D.J. Fisher, (R), Clearfield; Bruce G. Parry, (D), Syracuse; Reed Newmeyer, (A), Clearfield.

District 15: Henry J. Dickamore, (R), South Weber; Done E. Bush, (R), Clearfield; James E. Hurst, (D), Clearfield; Kevin R. Cardon, (L), Clearfield.

District 16: Franklin W. Knowlton, (R), Layton; Jay Ann Preston, (D), Layton; Glen W. Hunt, (L), Layton.

District 17: Walt Bain, (R), Farmington; Don Sperry Redd, (R), Farmington; Karl G. Hutchinson, (R), Kaysville; Jack E. Distel, (D), Kaysville.

District 18: Stanley Smedley, (R), Bountiful; Lillian B. Wood, (D), West Bountiful.

District 19: Kim R. Burningham, (R), Bountiful.

District 20: Del Barton Rowe, (R), Bountiful; Nancy Sonntag Lyon, (R), Bountiful; Loren D. Martin, (R), Bountiful; Steven T. Cottrell, (D), Bountiful; Herbert N. Henderson, (A), Bountiful.

District 21: Beverly J. White, (D), Tooele.

District 22: Ted D. Lewis, (D), Salt Lake City; Chris Schulz, (R), Salt Lake City; Douglas Jensen, (D), Salt Lake City; Leif A. Syversen, (D), Salt Lake City.

District 23: Frank R. Pignanelli, (D), Salt Lake City; Dorothy Sporle Makin, (L), Salt Lake City; Marion Willey, (R), Salt Lake City; Robert Sykes, (R), Salt Lake City; Alexander Robinson, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 24: Paula Julander, (D), Salt Lake City; Olene Walker, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 25: Joanne Milner, (D), Salt Lake City; Jerry H. Stocks, (L), Salt Lake City

District 26: M.R. Weiler, (R), Salt Lake City; Blaze D. Wharton, (D), Salt Lake City; Loren E. Hancock, (A), Salt Lake City; Esther Grennell Cochell, (L), Salt Lake City; Wyllis Dorman, (I), Salt Lake City.

District 27: Lynn F. Price, (R), Salt Lake City; David M. Jones, (D), Salt Lake City; G. LaMont Richards, (R), Salt Lake City; Bob Strand, (L), Salt Lake City.

District 28: Afton Bradshaw, (R), Salt Lake City; Lloyd Siegendorf, (D), Salt Lake City; Robert S. Adams, (D), Salt Lake City; Joseph Covey Richards, (R), Salt Lake City

District 29: Jay Fawson, (D), Salt Lake City; Elizabeth Lawley, (L), Salt Lake City; David M. Muir, (R), Salt Lake City; Samuel S. Taylor, (D), Salt Lake City.

District 30: John Hollingshaus, (R), Salt Lake City; Gene Davis, (D), Salt Lake City; F.E. Monte Draper, (R), Salt Lake City; Richard C. Kuhns, (L), Salt Lake City.

District 31: Ervin Skousen, (R), Salt Lake City; Jerrold S. Jensen, (D), Salt Lake City; M.B. Cannon, (L), Salt Lake City; Jeffrey M. Waters, (D), Salt Lake City; Lori T. Rousay, (R), Salt Lake City; Harold C. Christensen, (A), Salt Lake City.

District 32: Janet Rose, (D), Salt Lake City; John R. Craigle, (L), Salt Lake City; Craig R. Vierig, (R), Salt Lake City; Alvin S. Merrill, (R), Murray.

District 33: J. Preston Hughes, (R), Salt Lake City; Ronald J. Ockey, (R), Salt Lake City; Tom Kearin, (D), Salt Lake City; Calvin Reed Brown, (R), Salt Lake City; David Dutson, (L), Salt Lake City; Gary Showell, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 34: Larry Lunt, (R), Salt Lake City; Susan Way, (D), Salt Lake City.

District 35: Gene Howard Rosvall, (R), Murray; J. Reese Hunter, (R), Salt Lake City; Allan M. Acomb, (R), Salt Lake City; Ken Zenger, (D), Salt Lake City; Dan G. Hirst, (D), Murray; Paul Tinker, (L), Murray.

District 36: Ken Godfrey, (D), Salt Lake City; Jack F. DeMann, (R), Murray; Lynn H. Suksdorf, (R), Midvale; Max Young, (D), Murray.

District 37: Norman Chesler, (D), Salt Lake City; David Ostler, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 38: Bob Briggs, (D), Midvale; Melvin Brown (R), Midvale; Sam Moore, (D), Midvale.

District 39: Irby Arrington, (R), Salt Lake City; Val Lund, (D), Sandy; Steven Sady, (L), Salt Lake City; Conrad Maxfield, (R), Salt Lake City; Kay Leishman, (D), Salt Lake City.

District 40: Jed Wasden, (R), Midvale; Richard L. Bjornn, (D), Sandy.

District 41: Richard Bradford, (R), Sandy; Sherman Nabaum, (A), Sandy; Hugh A. Butler, (L), Sandy; Ella D. Westley, (D), Sandy; Keith Nickle, (R), Sandy.

District 42: Kurt Oscarson, (D), Sandy; Clark Reber, (R), South Jordan; Brian Jones, (R), Sandy; Judy Throckmorton, (A), Sandy.

District 43: H. Craig Moody, (R), Sandy; W. Paul Thompson, (D), Sandy.

District 44: R. Mont Evans, (R), Riverton; David E. Browne, (R), Riverton.

District 45: Wesley Huntsman, (D), West Jordan; Lloyd Frandsen, (R), South Jordan; Delbert Swensen, (R), South Jordan; Steven W. Banks, (L), West Jordan; Mark Michell, (D), West Jordan.

District 46: Kelly Atkinson, (D), West Jordan; David C. Wilson, (A), West Jordan; Steven K. Workman, (R), Salt Lake City; Gary Whittle, (L), West Jordan.

District 47: Walter C. Holmes, (D), Salt Lake City; Michael Waddoups, (R), Salt Lake City; Paul Hiskey, (D), Salt Lake City; Joseph Stumph, (R), Salt Lake City; Jerry R. Milne, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 48: Arlo James, (D), Salt Lake City; Candy Probert, (R), Salt Lake City; David Howick, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 49: Bob Anderton, (D), Salt Lake City; Boyd L. Warnick, (R), Salt Lake City; Thomas G. Goudie, (R), Salt Lake City; Frank G. Strickland, (R), Salt Lake City.

District 50: Allan C. Rushton, (D), West Valley City; Sylvan L. Crofts, (R), West Valley City; Rodney Cox, (D), West Valley City; Brent Ursenbach, (R), West Valley City.

District 51: Hugh D. Rush, (D), West Valley City; Bob Waldrop, (L), West Valley City; Ken L. Heaton, (R), Salt Lake City; Teddie Ireland, (A), West Valley City.

District 52: Daniel H. Tuttle, (D), West Valley City; Brett D. Wall, (L), Magna; Bill Bates, (R), Magna; Steven Lamar Hogan, (D), West Valley City; James Brusatto, (D), Magna; William Swank, (L), Magna.

District 53: Brent H. Goodfellow, (D), West Valley City; Holly Roseberry, (L), West Valley City; Douglas P. Bates, (R), West Valley City; Terry J. Wirth, (R), West Valley City.

District 54: Glen E. Brown, (R), Hoytsville; Jean Stauffer, (D), Park City.

District 55: Beverly Ann Evans, (R), Altamont.

District 56: Dan Q. Price, (R), Vernal; George Mathis, (R), Vernal; J.T. Tom Snyder, (D), Vernal; Charles Gray, (D), Rondlett.

District 57: Christine Fox, (R), Lehi; Lars E. Jenkins, (D), Lehi.

District 58: Donald LeBaron, (R), Highland; Marguerite A. McGowan, (R) American Fork; Gregory B. Hadley, (R), Alpine; LaVon Laursen, (D), American Fork.

District 59: Bryce McEwen, (R), Orem; John L. Valentine, (R) Orem; Kenneth T. Kartchner, (L), Orem; Lyndon W. Cook, (R), Orem; Berdean H. Jarman, (D), Orem; James T. Rupper, (R), Orem.

District 60: Pat Nix, (R), Orem; Helen D. Weeks, (D), Orem; Neil D. Skousen, (L), Orem; Glen R. Zimmerman, (D), Orem.

District 61: Lee Ellertson, (R), Orem; Harold Hawkins, (R), Orem; Thomas J. Swick, (L), Orem.

District 62: Jeril Wilson, (R), Provo; David V. Broshard, (L), Provo; Max A. Eggertsen, (R), Provo.

District 63: Janette C. Hales, (R), Provo; Cal Monson, (R), Provo.

District 64: Byron Harward, (R), Provo; James T Pettersson, (D), Provo; Sharon L. Bird, (L), Provo.

District 65: Glen V. Bird, (D), Springville; Kathryn B. Workman, (L), Provo; Michael Stansfield, (R), Springville; Beryl E. Furner, (L), Provo; Don R. Strong, (R), Springville.

District 66: Tim Moran, (D), Spanish Fork; Charlie Bates, (R), Mapleton; Shirley Cross, (L), Spanish Fork.

District 67: Drew W. Daniels, (D), Salem; O. Dean Pendleton, (R), Elberta; Bill Wright, (R), Elberta; W. Robert Phelps, (R), Payson.

District 68: Joseph M. Moody, (R), Delta; James J. DeWyze, (D), Delta; Roy E. Barraclough, (R), Delta; Shana Rae Grant, (L), Centerfield.

District 69: Ray Nielsen, (D), Fairview.

District 70: Mike Dmitrich, (D), Price.

District 71: M. John Hales, (R), Richfield; Tom Christensen, (R), Venice; Steven G. Player, (D), Annabella.

District 72: R. Haze Hunter, (R), Cedar City.

District 73: James F. Yardley, (R), Panguitch; Will Marshall, (L), Big Water; Ted L. Gubler, (R), Apple Valley.

District 74: David M. Adams, (R), Monticello.

District 75: Robert A. Slack, (R), Washington; Ray Schmutz, (R), St. George; Rick D. Palmer, (D), St. George.


District 2: Dale Schimmeltfenning, Pleasant View; Keith T. Checketts, Logan; William L. Garner, Huntsville.

District 4: Ruth Hardy Funk; Otis H. Weeks; Charles W. Peters; Randall G. Harmsen.

District 6: M. Richard Maxfield; Keith P. Henschen.

District 8: Lenora Plothow, Provo; Jay Liechty, Provo; N. Lee Crabb, Orem; Charles H. Stewart, Provo; Rulon R. Garfield, Provo.


Precinct 1: F. Keith Stepan; Tab Uno; Michael J. Nemelka; Tonya Covington; Jann Harden-Warner.

Precinct 3: Glenda Gaudig; Steven L. Olsen; Cynthia L. Martin.

Precinct 5: Stephen G. Boyden; Michael T. Walton; Orson B. West Jr.

Precinct 7: C. Guy Walker; David O. Donohoo; Alan F. Mecham; Bruce A. Barrett.


Precinct 1: Margaret Nelson; Myrna C. Broschisnky.

Precinct 5: Sherry Madsen; Kim Davis.


Precinct 1: Lynn D. Davidson; Christopher J. Wright; Charles C. Larsen; Roy Richards Silver.

Precinct 2: Patricia G. Sandstrom; D. LeGrand Andrews.

Preceitn 3: Kay S. Cherrington; Diane I. Bateman; Denis R. Morrill; Roy R. Chapman; Douglas S. Stacey.


Precinct 4: Jane Callister.

Precinct 5: Orr Hill; Clint Warby.


Four-year seat: Frank Nishiguchi, (R), Riverside; Cleon Summers, (D), Tremonton; Darald Fuller, (D), Tremonton.

Two-year seat: Robert Valentine, (R), Brigham City; Doris Fuller, (R), Garland; Boyd Gardner, (D), Honeyville


Four-year seat: Glen E. Saunders, (R), Clinton; Merle D. Hildreth, (R), Layton; Gayle A. Stevenson, (R), Layton; Ella M. Anderson, (D), Layton; Howard F. Stoddard, (D), West Point.

Two-year seat: Harold J. Trippetts, (R), Farmington; Dub Lawrence, (R), Centerville; Margaret Brough, (R), Kaysville; Golden C. Sill, (D), Layton.


Four-year seat: Dee Wilcox, (D); Lowell S. Petersen, (R).

Two-year seat: Kenneth E. Pace, (D); William Bailey, (R).


Four-year commission seat: Brent Morris (R).

Two-year commission seat: Gary Anderson (R); Rex L. Behling (R); Sid Sandberg (R); Gene Faux (D); Glen Hawkins (D).

County treasurer: Leonard Ellis (R).

County auditor: J. Bruce Peacock (R).


District 1: Jan Lewis.

District 2: Richard B. Gappmeyer, F. Hardy Cherry.

District 3: David C. Harvey, "J" Von Bennett.


District 1: Bill White, Kaye Westwood.

District 2: Collin Allan.

District 3: Richard A. Johnson, James Dunn.


District 1: Mossi W. White.

District 2: Kenneth W. Clark.

District 3: Kenneth W. Matheson, Shauna Walker.

District 4: Gayle M. Chandler.


Supreme Court: Michael D. Zimmerman, I. Daniel Stewart.

District courts: Timothy R. Hanson, J. Dennis Frederick, John A. Rokich, David E. Roth, George E. Ballif, Ray M. Harding, Scott Daniels, Rodney S. Page.

Circuit courts: Theodore Sonne Perry, Philip K. Palmer, Sheila K. McCleve, Floyd H. Gowans, S. Mark Johnson, LeRoy H. Griffiths, Alfred C. Van Wagenen, Eleanor S. Van Sciver, Joseph I. Dimick, Robert J. Sumision, W. Brent West, Stanton M. Taylor, Phillip H. Browning, E. Patrick McGuire, Edward A. Watson, Robert F. Owens, Robert W. Daines, Roger Bean, Tyrone L. Medley, Paul G. Grant, Maurice D. Jones.

Juvenile courts: Stephen A. Van Dyke, Arthur G. Christean, Franklyn B. Matheson.