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Mix comics, zone editions and radio news and you have the eclectic coverage that editor Lynn Arave oversees.

With a last name that only one in a thousand pronounces right, (just say R.V.) this soft-spoken staffer may not be well-known, but he is definitely someone you'd like to have as a friend.

A Hooper, Weber County, native, Arave graduated from Weber State College with a B.S. degree in journalism and a minor in physical education. While at WSC, Arave lettered in track and cross-country and was sports editor of SIGNPOST. This specialization continued at the Deseret News, where he served as a sports writer from 1978-82, at which time he he was named an editor in the Today Section.

Arave's first assignment for the feature section was the 70-page five-zone health editions called "You" magazine. He received a special Deseret News Merit Award for zone-section work in 1984. Radio coverage was added to Arave's beat in 1984 and he became daily comic page editor in 1985.

Arave and his wife, the former LeAnn Flygare, have a son, Roger, born in 1986. Neighbors in Layton are likely to see Arave biking, hiking or running, as he is a marathon-class competitor. Arave just put in an in-ground swimming pool and if he's not swimming in it, he says he's always cleaning it.

Fellow staff members in the Today Section are in awe of Arave's deep devotionto anything chocolate and the one very dangerous and devious thing about working with him: those who leave themselves logged on a computer terminal, may come back to find "they" have sent a highly irregular personal message to another staff member.

The recent comic survey conducted by Arave resulted in stacks of envelopes, with most readers still asking the same old questions about Modesty Blaise and The Ryatts. The better comments were read to fellow staff members, and running totals of personal favorites were cheered. While Arave dutifully took home surveys by the thousands to be tallied, he was heard to mutter, "The next survey will be in 1999 . . . "

Arave combines dedication and competence with a sly sense of humor. He can be counted on for bothhard work and fun.