A state licensing board has ordered that the licenses of three social workers be revoked for engaging in sexual relationships with clients.

In separate rulings, the Social Work Licensing Board ordered revocations of the licenses of David A. Patterson, Benjamin S. Gonzales and David C. Brewer.Gonzales' license was revoked March 4 after he admitted to having sex with a patient during 1985 and 1986 at the Utah State Hospital in Provo, where he was employed. Rules governing the profession of social work prohibit sexual activities with clients, which can provide grounds for license revocation.

According to the revocation order, issued by the state Department of Business Regulation's division of occupational and professional licensing, Gonzales continued intimacies with a hospital patient after his supervisors placed her under the care of another therapist due to "concerns regarding (Mr. Gonzales') objectivity and a deterioration of (the patient's) condition . . . ."

Brewer's license was ordered revoked in a ruling issued by the division on April 11 after the social work board determined he had engaged in "intimate sexual conduct" with a client during 1983 and 1984 while employed at the Family Support Center.

The board ruled that Brewer's conduct "compromised the proper exercise of his professional discretion and impartial judgment" and that "he exploited his professional relationship with Ms. Doe for personal gain . . . ."

"The ultimate travesty . . . is that ( Brewer's) conduct relative to his personal relationship with Ms. Doe exacerbated her condition as a victim of sexual abuse," the ruling said.

Patterson's license was revoked in a ruling issued April 12 after he admitted to having sex with a client for several months in 1987, while he was employed at the Western Institute of Neuropsychiatry.