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No sooner do we offer a rundown of what theaters in town are showing art, foreign-language and golden oldie films than another theater makes a bid for such pictures.

The UA Fashion Place Cinemas, the four-plex in the Fashion Place Mall, tried its hand at art films a couple of months ago with "My Life As a Dog" (in a second run after the Blue Mouse) and was apparently pleased with the results."Tokyo Pop," in a first-run release to only 60 screens, and "Housekeeping," a Columbia Pictures film that has been on the shelf after a spotty regional release, both opened at the Fashion Place Friday.

And the Fashion Place plans to schedule more in the near future.

That's good news for lovers of little films, but the Blue Mouse and Cinema In Your Face! really didn't need the competition.

Once Plitt Theaters comes back into the art film picture, we'll really become an alternative cinema town. Maybe too much so.

Let's hope no one is forced out of business.