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Cache County is in a drought and that means trouble for farmers this summer, a Utah State University climatologist says.

Galen Ashcroft, USU's assistant climatologist and professor of meteorology, said Saturday that conditions are similar to serious droughts that plagued the area in 1977 and in the mid 1960s."If spring and summer are as dry as last year, the region will be in an extreme drought situation. Farmers had the same fear during the 1976-77 drought but were then relieved by a wet spring and summer," Ashcroft said.

Kent Horton, director of the federal Resource Conservation and Development program in the Bear River District, said the river's runoff is only 67 percent of normal.

"For farmers having access to reservoir storage, the situation is not looking too bad, but for dry farmers, the outlook is dismal," he said.

Horton said his office is exploring the possibility of cloud seeding, but any action will depend on whether money is available.