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While serious crimes rose 2 percent from 1986 to 1987 nationwide, serious crimes in Salt Lake City including murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault dropped, according to an FBI report just released.

FBI Director William S. Sessions said the trend marked the third consecutive annual increase in reported crime. Crime increased 5 percent in 1985 and 6 percent in 1986.Total murders in Salt Lake City dropped from 20 in 1986 to 13 in 1987; forcible rapes, from 107 to 94; robberies, from 506 to 482; aggravated assaults, from 613 to 501; motor vehicle thefts, from 1,002 to 923; and arsons, from 119 to 106.

Salt Lake City reported increases in burglary, from 3,714 in 1986 to 3,997 in 1987, and larceny theft, from 14,320 to 14,863.

Nationally, even though serious crime reports to police rose for a third straight year in 1987, the rate of increase was less than half that of the previous two years, the FBI says.

Reports of serious crime were up in all regions of the country except the West, the bureau said in a report issued over the weekend.

The FBI's crime index level was up 1 percent in the Midwest, 3 percent in the Northeast and 4 percent in the South. The West experienced the only decline, moving downward 1 percent.