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The Bureau of Reclamation has given 945 acres to the state Wildlife Resources Division, the third of four planned transfers to repay the state for lands now in the Central Utah Project.

The latest transfer involves five miles of land along Currant Creek, a prime fishery, bureau spokesman Barry Wirth said Wednesday.Giving the lands to the division will reimburse the state for fish and wildlife habitat that is now part of dams or canals in the CUP's Bonneville Unit, said Wirth.

"It's part of the habitat mitigation program for the Bonneville Unit," he said. "The last transfer of 1,730 acres will involve a 6.5-mile-long tract along the Strawberry River."

The first transfer, in 1983, involved 13,420 acres in the same general area, west of Duchesne. Two months ago, the bureau turned over 9,500 acres of land near Strawberry Reservoir.

As part of the program, public access, fishing, hunting and other forms of recreation on the lands are guaranteed, Wirth said.

The fourth tract has been purchased with money from the Nature Conservancy Fund. The bureau will then buy the 1,730 acres and turn the tract over to the division.

"The fishery values will increase with successful brown and cutthroat trout spawning expected," said the division's director, William Geer.