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A competency hearing for child killer Arthur Gary Bishop has been continued because psychiatrists have not had a chance to review certain medical records.

Third District Judge James Sawaya, who will determine whether Bishop is mentally competent to end his appeals and seek his own execution, postponed the hearing until 10 a.m. April 20.Three pyschiatrists testified last Friday that they believed Bishop is mentally competent to make legal decisions in his own behalf.

But defense attorneys want the doctors to review some prison rec-ords that have previously been unavailable to them.

If Sawaya finds Bishop competent, the Utah Supreme Court will rule on the killer's desire to fire his attorneys, who are appealing his death sentence, and seek to have the sentence carried out.

Bishop, who believes he should atone for his crimes, was condemned to die after being convicted of kidnapping, sexually abusing and murdering five boys between 1979 and 1983.

Should Bishop be ruled competent, prosecutors believe he could be executed within a few months.