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A Utah man has drawn a 100-day jail sentence and a $2,240 fine in connection with a Nevada deer-poaching case.

Elko District Judge Tom Stringfield also ordered Gordon J. Pollard, 43, of Salt Lake City to perform 240 hours of community service at a Salt Lake veteran's hospital.Pollard was convicted of the unlawful killing and possession of a Nevada mule deer, stemming from an August 1987 poaching incident in southeast Elko County.

During the illegal hunt with his 10-year-old son, Pollard shot at five deer, three of which he recovered.

Based on information obtained through the Nevada's Operation Game Thief program, undercover wildlife agents were able to accompany Pollard and his son on the hunt and subsequently arrested him.

Stringfield gave Pollard a one-year suspended jail sentence with the provision he serve two to three years probation. He will not be allowed to hunt or fish while he's on probation.