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Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, the improbable hero of the Winter Olympics, is considering plastic surgery to improve his looks.Edwards, the bespectacled Briton who was cheered as he finished last in both the 70- and 90-meter ski jumps at Calgary, told London newspapers he had been offered the operation free of charge by an American specialist, Dr. Robert Van Boven.

"I hate the way I look," Edwards, a plasterer from Cheltenham, England, was quoted as saying in the mass-circulation Sun.

Both the Sun and another tabloid, Today, said the surgery would reduce Edwards' jutting chin and cheekbones. Surgery on his eyes, which would enable him to shed his trademark glasses, also was being considered, the papers said.

"People might not feel the same about me if I didn't look goofy anymore," said Edwards, adding that there could be another side to it. "With no chin and no glasses, I'll be able to get a job as Robert Redford's stunt man."