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A second advance team of Soviet officials is in Utah this week for another look at living conditions in and around the Wasatch Front in preparation for their comrades' stay.

A contingent of one official from the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C., and six officials from the Soviet Union braved a steady rain Monday to walk the perimeter outside of Hercules Inc. where a Soviet inspection facility will be established.The Soviets and their Department of Defense chaperons were to travel to Park City Tuesday for a first-hand view of some of the area's recreational facilities.

As many as 30 Soviet inspectors will eventually be stationed at or near Hercules to verify U.S. compliance with the INF treaty, which bans production and cuts the number or Soviet and American intermediate-range nuclear missiles. The treaty, which is still pending Senate review and ratification, was signed in December by President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

The visit by the Soviets is pretty much a rerun of a similar tour of the area by three Soviets in mid-February.

Kendell Pease, spokesman for the Department of Defense's On-Site Inspection Agency, said the Soviets are curious about the amenities within the 31-mile circle around Hercules, in which they will be permitted access under the treaty's terms.

Pease said the On-Site Inspection Agency was established to coordinate verification procedures called for in the treaty.