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Davis County's Republican Party convention will be lively this year as incumbents in three state legislature races and two county commission races face intraparty challenges in their bids for re-election.

Two other legislative contests will also see party action as delegates, who will be selected at the April 25 mass meetings, are asked to pare the candidate lists. Candidates who manage to get 70 percent of the delegate vote at convention will go to the November election as the party candidate. If no candidate gets 70 percent, a primary election between the two highest vote getters will be required.In the county commission races, incumbents Glen E. Saunders (4-year) and Harold J. Tippetts (2-year) face two Republican challengers.

Saunders, of Clinton, has served three terms on the commission while Tippetts, Farmington, has served two. Saunders will face Gayle A. Stevenson and Merle D. Hildreth, both of Layton, for the party's nomination. Stevenson retired this year as associate superintendent of the Davis School District, and Hildreth is a recent Hill Air Force Base retiree. Neither has held elective office. Prior to election to the commission, Saunders served as mayor in Clinton. He has also been a schoolteacher and a building contractor.

Tippetts, who once served as a Farmington council member, was also employed as county planning director and served as director of the state Division of Parks and Recreation. His challengers include Dub Lawrence, Centerville, and Margaret Brough, Kaysville. Lawrence served a four-year term as county sheriff and sought election to the Legislature while a Democrat. He switched to the Republican Party this year. Brough is a longtime Republican and has been active in party leadership though she has never held elective office.

Incumbents to the state House of Representatives who face intraparty challenges include Scott W. Holt, Syracuse, in District 14, Henry J. Dickamore, South Weber, in District 15, and Walt Bain, Farmington, in District 17. There are also intraparty challenges in Senate District 23 and House District 20, but in both cases the incumbent is not running.

Holt is being challenged by D.J. Fisher of Clearfield, Dickamore is being contested by Don E. Bush of Clearfield, and Bain faces Don Sperry Redd of Farmington. Holt is seeking a third term, Dickamore a fourth term and Bain a second term in the Legislature.

In Senate 23, five Republicans, all from Bountiful, are seeking the party nomination. They are led by Jack P. Redd, who is attempting to step up to the Senate from Representative District 20. Others seeking the nomination include Lane Beattie, Ernest W. Cox, Otis E. Winn and Mark Braithwaite.

In House District 20, vacated by Redd, three Republicans have filed. They include Del Barton Rowe, Nancy Sonntag Lyon and Loren D. Martin, all of Bountiful. Martin is a former Davis County attorney.

Four Republican will go to the convention unchallenged, including two who have no opposition from other political parties.

Kim R. Burningham, Bountiful, the incumbent in House District 19, is unopposed for his re-election bid. Incumbent Stanley M. Smedley, Bountiful, in House 18 will have a Democratic opponent, and Kaye Browning, Sunset, in House 13 will be trying to re-capture the seat he lost two years ago to Democrat Joe Hull. In the Layton constable race, Michael S. Funk is unopposed for election.