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Salt Lake City wants to break par and cure its golf course handicap in one swoop by building two additional 18-hole golf courses.

The city's six municipal courses are overcrowded, according to Scott Gardner, city parks department rec-reation director. Officials are proposing construction of an 18-hole golf course adjacent to the Salt Lake International Airport and adding to the existing Mountain Dell course up Parleys Canyon to give it 18 holes.Constructing both courses could cost as much as $8 million. The city has $800,000 set aside in its golf enterprise fund.

Building the airport course, as well as necessary facilities, such as a clubhouse and parking lot, could cost as much as $5 million, while adding on to Mountain Dell should cost only some $3 million.

Gardner estimates it costs about $175,000 to construct each hole.

"We want to do both of them together, the airport and Mountain Dell. We think we need them both. We probably need more than two."

The west side of the airport course would be close to the International Center and the east side close to the present terminal, and the sides would be connected by tunnels under the airport access road, Gardner said. The Mountain Dell course would be built to the east and west of the existing course.

Gardner said green fees could be raised 50 cents or $1 from the current $5 rate for playing nine holes. "To build the two courses, there will be some fee adjustments. We don't want to hide that, but we think the golf-playing public will pay more for the two courses."

Gardner said if all goes well, both courses could be ready for play by the fall of 1990 or the spring of 1991.

Arthur Hills & Associates, one of the most respected golf course design firms in the country, has been hired to design the airport course, and a local firm, William Howard Neff, with professional golfer Mike Reid, will design the Mountain Dell course. Forsgreen Perkins, a local engineering firm, will do the drainage plans, water system layout and other engineering work. The Mountain Dell course also would include an Olympic-quality cross-country ski trail.

After receiving cost estimates and design plans, parks officials will take their proposals to Mayor Palmer DePaulis and the City Council for approval. The council has the authority to raise green fees on the municipal courses.

"We have some recreation-minded City Council members right now. Everyone we've talked to says we're on the right track," Gardner said.