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The St. Michael's Church of England Children's Choir, having arrived in Utah only hours earlier, presented a medley of British songs Friday at 6 p.m. at the ZCMI Mall.

The 25 elementary school boys and girls are from Pelsall, England, about 100 miles from London, and arrived in Utah by plane from England just before midnight Thursday.The British youths are guests of Nancy Lunt, who directs the Crossland Kids, A 50-voice chorus from the West Jordan and Riverton area. Before the youths return to England on April 11, they will perform eight more times at school assemblies and other groups.

The St. Michael's choir is under the direction of June Davenhill. She and her husband, Harry, who acts as the group's public relations expert and jack of all trades, and the group's pianist, Florence Shingler, are supervising the youths during their stay in Utah.

Davenhill explained that she came to Salt Lake last year for six months as an exchange teacher and met Nancy Lunt.

"She invited me to bring the choir to Utah. We are staying in the homes of the Crossland Kids. Nancy will bring her chorus to England to stay 10-days with the choir's members the end of May."

None of the English children, who range in age from 8 to 10 years old, have ever been to the United States before, Davenhill said, and are excited about their plane ride, the trip and Salt Lake City and want to see as much of Utah as possible.

The two singing groups presented separate programs Friday night, the Utahns singing a medley of patriotic songs to the accompaniment of recorded music. Both groups sang together at the conclusion of the program.

The English children will sing with the Crossland Kids again in other programs during their stay in Salt Lake City, Davenhill said.