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Rejected U.S. Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork, while he has stumped in Utah in behalf of Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said he does not support the senator's appeal for a balanced budget amendment.

Bork told a Utah State University audience Monday that he does not believe such an amendment would accomplish anything, because, "Congress has ways of making people spend money that does not appear in the budget."He said Congress could require corporations to contribute to a national health policy, it would not appear in any budget, and, "You cannot stop that kind of expenditure with a balanced budget amendment."

Bork said he did not see any way a balanced budget amendment could be enforced without going to court, and, "I can't stand the thought of our budgets being tied up for four or five years while the courts decide what the budget should be.

"I understand why Sen. Hatch, President Reagan and many others like the idea, but I personally don't believe it would ever work," Bork said.

Although Bork and Hatch have appeared together recently, Hatch was not in Logan Monday.

Bork said Hatch has all the necessary qualities for an excellent Supreme Court justice, including intelligence, professional capacity and devotion to the law as intended by the people who wrote it.

Tim Moran, student body arts and lecture vice president, said it was understood when it was agreed to pay Bork $12,000 to speak that it would be Bork's first speaking engagement in Utah.

"We were upset to learn he spoke for free at (Brigham Young University) . . . as a favor for Sen. Hatch," Moran said.