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Woods Cross and West Bountiful are in a border war over Fifth South street, which traditionally has divided the two cities.

West Bountiful Mayor Jerry Thompson attended the Woods Cross City Council meeting Tuesday night and, during a public hearing to consider a new annexation policy declaration and map, spoke against a plan by Woods Cross to annex property 500 to 1,300 feet north of Fifth South.Thompson, visibly upset and speaking sternly, told Woods Cross council members their annexation plans "will destroy the integrity of West Bountiful and take the heart right out of our city."

"You might just as well keep going north, to Fourth North or even farther, right to the border of Centerville," he said.

Thompson said Fifth South should be the dividing line, and Woods Cross should not go farther than the center of Fifth South.

He threatened to take the issue to the County Boundary Commission if Woods Cross proceeds with its plans.

After Thompson left the meeting, Woods Cross Mayor Ralph Argyle said he doesn't know why Thompson should think he or his city council is trying to cripple West Bountiful.

He said West Bountiful crossed Fifth South several years ago to annex a trailer court that should have been left in Woods Cross.

"We have been asked to annex businesses and property along the north side of Fifth South," Argyle said. "In fact, we only need 51 percent of the residents and property owners representing one-third of the assessed valuation of an area to annex it.

"Right now, three-fourths of the people along the north side of Fifth South have indicated they want to come into Woods Cross. We haven't heard from the others."

City Council members said they would have voted Tuesday night to approve the new annexation policy declaration, but a resolution to do so was not correctly written. So they tabled the issue until their next meeting, May 3.

Woods Cross officials said they must advertise any plan to annex an area for 20 days before the City Council can approve the annexation. Then must wait five days for any objections before the annexation is final.

West Bountiful's objections to the boundary commission could also hold up the finalization of an annexation, they said.

As now proposed, Woods Cross would, at some time in the future, annex a 500-foot-wide strip of land in the unincorporated area of Davis County lying along Fifth South from 11th West to about 14th West. The plan would also include annexing a 1,300-foot-wide strip along Fifth South from 14th West to the Jordan River.