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The Provo Board of Education has approved plans to give Maeser School a face lift. And, according to the school board president, the 90-year-old school has earned a new look.

"I think it's a great thing and well-deserved," Clarence Robison said during the board meeting Monday.School board members toured the school, which houses original chalkboard writings of school founder Karl G. Maeser, before the business meeting.

Remodeling plans - estimated to cost the district $160,000 - include lowering the ceilings, installing new lights, remodeling the rest rooms, re-roofing the school and replacing all the doors with fire code-approved portals.

A storage room for school lunch materials and school paper will be added onto the west end of the gymnasium. The front porch of the school will be converted into a nurse's station.

Part of the school will also be re-carpeted, said Phil Lott, director of facilities and transportation for the district. Before the new carpet is installed, the old carpet will be taken out and particle board will be nailed over the maple floors to minimize squeaking.

The glass brick in the gymnasium will be insulated and covered with metal siding and the wainscot throughout the building will be covered with wall carpeting.

To top it off, the district will hang new blinds in the windows and finish the fencing on the north side of the building.

"A lot of it (remodeling) is cosmetic. However, eliminating the squeaking noise will definitely make an improvement in the quality of instruction in the classrooms," Lott said.

He said the costs fall within the budget set a year ago for district remodeling projects. The Maeser project is expected to be done before school starts Aug. 20.