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Granite School District announced a number of assignment changes Tuesday, including naming a new area director and director of curriculum and instruction in the district office. The new assignments are effective July 1.

Linda Fait was named curriculum and instruction director, succeeding Ken McClellan, who is retiring. She was promoted within the department, and the position she vacated will be filled by Dave Adamson, former Hillside Elementary School principal.Wendall Sullivan, who has been principal of Taylorsville High School, will become director of the district's north area, while Mildred Martin, who has been acting area director, has been assigned the princi-palship of Olympus High School. Current Olympus Principal Michael Cannon, was transferred to Taylorsville.

Ken Griener, principal at Granger High School for three years, was named district director of transportation and Luciano Martinez, now assistant principal at Bonneville Junior High School, will become program administrator for Head Start.

Other re-assignments for principals include:

Danny Talbot, Granger High School; Parley Jacobs, Granite Park Junior High School; Oscar Anderson, Valley Junior High School; Lloyd Bybee, Bonneville Junior High School; Ben Lems, (assistant) Cyprus High School; Virgil Johnson, (assistant) Evergreen Junior High School; Tom Given, (assistant) Bonneville Junior High School; Paul McCarty, Hill View Elementary; Reed Wahlquist, Hillside Elementary.

Also reassigned were: Richard Hy-land, Bacchus Elementary; Darryl Thomas, William Penn Elementary; Larry Peterson, Magna Elementary; Louis Jensen, Sandburg Elementary; Jerry Pulsipher, Lake Ridge Elementary; Bill Anderson, West Kearns Elementary; Doug New, Oquirrh Hills Elementary; Morris Goates, H.R. Driggs Elementary; Claudia Owens, David Gourley Elementary; and Karen Anderson, Orchard Elementary.