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Eaton-Kenway, a Salt Lake-based automated systems company, has received a $20 million contract for an automated material handling system to be installed at the Anniston Army Depot, Anniston, Ala. This the largest single government contract ever received by the company.

Made by the U.S. Army Depot Systems Command, the award is part of a worldwide modernization program involving Army maintenance facilities and is designed to improve the combat readiness of the armed services, according to Richard M. Mooney, Eaton-Kenway president.This is the third automated system that Eaton-Kenway has provided to the DESCOM program. The system will pick up and deliver materials to hundreds of work stations in the large facility and will include automated guided vehicles, unit loads and computer control systems designed by the company.

The depot, located near Birmingham, is the center for maintaining and refurbishing tanks.