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West Valley police found a 31-year-old mentally handicapped man strapped to a urine-soaked bed when they responded to an anonymous 911 medical call.

The man was alone in the house when police and firefighters arrived and broke open the back door Tuesday evening after they saw him thrashing about on the bed where he was confined with leather bracelets attached to denim straps, according to a police report.The man had a "large number" of red marks or lesions on his arms, chest and back. An electric cattle prod was found on the floor by the bed.

When the man's mother and older brother arrived 15 to 20 minutes later, the mother told police she had written permission from her doctor to restrain her son when he is left alone because of a likelihood he would harm himself.

Officers said, however, that the letter from the doctor stated the boy was not violent or hazardous to himself or others.

Police also said the woman told them her son pinched himself, causing the red marks.

The man was taken to Pioneer Valley Hospital for a medical evaluation and observation.