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The City Council has delayed for at least two weeks any action on a proposal to raise fees charged by the Provo Energy Department for residential connections and other services.

Council members decided this week they want more time to study the proposal and gather further information before taking action.A public hearing scheduled earlier this week on the proposed fee structure was also continued for at least two weeks. The only person appearing at the scheduled hearing was allowed to address the council. Public comment will be taken again at a future hearing.

If approved, the proposal would raise the deposit new residential customers must pay to begin power service from $50 to $75. The deposit would be refunded with interest after two years of prompt payment of monthly power bills.

The proposed fee schedule would establish a connection fee of $30 for new customers and would raise the reconnection fee charged those whose power is cut off for non-payment of bills from $20 to $60.

The man who commented during the hearing identified himself as a Brigham Young University student and said the proposed higher fees would hurt students. Many students have low incomes and live in Provo only while school is in session, making it hard for them to meet the two-year continuous residence requirement for refund of deposits, he said.