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The Deseret News is publishing more comics now (28) than it ever has, and the space it allows for the comics is in line with, and perhaps slightly greater than, other daily newspapers.

For example, Utah's other major daily newspapers are publishing the following total numbers of daily comic strips-- 30, 24, 18, 0.On some reader requests to get more comic book heroes, such as Superman, Conan, Tarzan, etc. on the comic pages:

The Deseret news currently publishes two comic book hero strips-- "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Phantom."

These two strips did relatively poor in the recent comics survey, and most accompanying comments seemed to indicate that readers felt these serial strips were OK in comic book form but didn't belong on the comic pages.

Several years ago, the Deseret News published a Sunday comic, "The World's Greatest Super-Heroes" (with Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc.)

This strip was not well received, and many newspapers discontinuted it because the story line got too complicated and the writers kept trying to involve too many superheroes in the limited space.