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A Holladay man who picked up two teenage boys near Liberty Park was robbed at knifepoint and then stuffed into the trunk of his car, which the youths drove around and abandoned.

The man, 27, parked his car in the Liberty Park area about midnight Monday and was walking around when he met two juveniles, who asked him to drive them above the Capitol "to see the lights of the city," according to a Salt Lake police report.When they arrived in the area of 1500 N. Terrace Hills Drive, one of the teens pulled a knife and placed it against the victim's throat, demanding his wallet, which was in the car and contained about $180.

The bandits took the wallet, placed the victim in the trunk and then drove off in the car, abandoning it near 1000 S. Third East with the engine running.

Using a crowbar, the victim freed himself and called police, the report said.