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First lady Nancy Reagan received a clean bill of health Friday, her first mammogram since her cancer operation six months ago showing no signs of a recurring tumor, the White House announced.

President Reagan also underwent routine dental X-rays, and no problems were discovered, officials said."The president and first lady completed their routine radiological procedures," presidential physician John Hutton Jr. said in a written statement. "The president had a series of routine dental X-rays in the dental clinic while Mrs. Reagan had her first post-operative mammogram. The mammogram was negative."

Hutton's statement added, "No immediate treatment of any kind is required as a result of today's procedures on the president and first lady."

"We were praying," her spokeswoman Elaine Crispen said. "Thank God everything is all right."

The Reagans spent less than half an hour at Bethesda Naval Hospital in nearby Maryland.

The Reagans stopped at the hospital at midafternoon for "routine radiological procedures" on their way to the presidential retreat at Camp David.